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JOEY'S LEGACY, INC., a Florida non-profit organization, is expected to launch its mission in early 2019. We will assist victims of veterinary malpractice across the United States by engaging a group of expert witness veterinarians, animal law attorneys and grief counselors that will provide emotional support, consulting and legal services to the aggrieved human companion of a pet who fell victim to a negligent veterinarian. All of these services will be provided to the aggrieved at NO COST. Joey's Legacy, Inc. will fund all services from donations it will receive from corporate sponsors and the public at large. The requested donation from each member of the public will be $3.00 per month. As a monthly donor, the member will be entitled to all of the services mentioned above at no cost.

We have an opportunity to change the landscape of the veterinary "injustice" system, as it exists today. This can only happen with financial support. Please consider a $3.00 monthly donation when we launch our mission in early 2019.